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SKJ Juris

Top Litigation Support Company


We provide cost effective and high-quality litigation support services to law firms and corporations worldwide by combining state-of–the-art technology, plentiful hands-on experience, efficient and effective internal processes and meeting impeccable turnaround time.

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Leading Litigation Support Company over 8+ years


As one of the leading litigation support company, SKJ Juris provides litigation support services to the law firms; in-house legal departments; commercial as well as federal clients across the world.


SKJ Juris brings an array of comprehensive experience and best practices for legal and litigation support, with applied and enhanced support. You can concentrate on strategic activities that drive your business and we will support you by providing the critical information that you require for your litigation support. We will provide you with competent litigation support services by highlighting potentially strong points in your briefs and help develop evidence that better serve your interests.

We offer the following Litigation Support Services on Dedicated Basis

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  • Legal Drafting
  • Drafting Motions and Pleadings
  • Case Research
  • Document Coding
  • Document Review
  • Deposition Summaries and Case Summaries
  • Legal Research
  • Review and Analysis
  • Summarization of Records

Why choose SKJ Juris as a Litigation Support Company

Legal experience
Our successful accomplishments of various tasks and projects throughout the years is a reflection of our solid legal experience and exposure.

High Quality Services
SKJ Juris effectively provides high-quality litigation support services, so that attorneys can devote their time on strategy and case preparation.

Tailor-made services
SKJ Juris is efficient in delivering an extensive list of litigation support services to tailor to each individual client’s needs and to help them achieve the desired outcomes.

Management of Work
We understand and appreciate the importance of comprehensive management of litigation. Therefore, we provide solutions by creatively managing the litigation support services.

Skilled and competent Team
SKJ Juris is backed by an enormously skilled and trained legal professionals. We have many litigation consultants on staff to meet your requirements.

Legal Research
By employing a reliable tool, we meticulously carry out exhaustive and precise legal research as per the requirements of the client.

Legal Drafting
We assist you in every phase of litigation by taking care of drafting of complaints, motions and all the intermediate steps of litigation, i.e. drafting of answers, interrogatories, etc.

We are make available quick and simplified summaries by adopting a compendious method for abstraction/summarization of the jury trial transcripts of the depositions.

Document Review
The legal team at SKJ Juris is also proficient in document review process. The attorneys proofread all the documents and drafts meticulously.

Litigation advisory services
We correspondingly provide litigation advisory services where our qualified professionals analyze your information and give you valuable insights.

Document Coding
SKJ Juris is adroit at handling large scale critical document coding and review projects on various tools for the said purpose.

Secured Environment
We ensure to carry out the entire process in a secured environment to sustain the confidentiality of the process and to provide utmost protection of the client data.

SKJ Juris assures of a reputation for excellence and reliability.

Quality Check
All the reviewed documents go through a quality check to ascertain the highest possible accuracy.

Meeting targets
Adhering to the stringent turnaround time, we ensure to provide swift and reliable litigation support services to help the clients achieve their goals.

Business Benefits with us


  • Leading Litigation Support Company for 8+ years
  • Staff consisting of legal expertise
  • Get cost-efficient and effective litigation services
  • Committed time frame, adhering to stipulated timelines
  • Catering to client needs and priority to client satisfaction
  • Proactive, result oriented and quality driven approach
  • Continual and sustained Improvement
  • Adherence to the Quality Policy
  • Transparency is maintained in our dealings
  • 100% confidentiality assurance
  • Better control over the management of the litigation
  • Seamless communication through Phone/Skype/Chat/Email

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